Medical Surgical Nursing

Disaster Nursing 🚨

Whenever there is a case of mass casualty, the healthcare team is responsible for determining who to treat and how fast. The main goal is to treat as many people as possible; this is why patients should be categorized according to the ability of treatment saving their life and/or limb.


  • ❤️ RED: Indicates that a patient has a life-threatening situation that can survive if treated within the hour. These patients usually have alterations in their airway, breathing, and/or circulation (ABC’s), but are able to survive if given necessary treatment. These patients have the HIGHEST PRIORITY
  • 💛 YELLOW: Indicates that a patient can wait 1-2 hours to be treated without losing their life or a limb
  • 💚 GREEN: These patients are injured, but are able to walk around (these patients are called the “walking wounded”) and can wait a few hours to be treated
  • 🖤 BLACK: Patient has no hope of surviving even with medical attention


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