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Try Something Different 💡

I hate being stuck in the same place, doing the same thing.. every. single. day. And it was actually a few days ago that I began thinking about what it takes to change change, to change the everyday routine we are so accustomed to. Then, it hit me; it was so obvious, yet I had never really realized it before… That is, our ROUTINES!

As human beings, we naturally like having routines. We like the idea of knowing where we’re going, what were going to do, and knowing that these things have worked for us in the past. BUT, that’s the main problem! When we stick to these “familiar” lifestyle trends, we inevitably are sticking to the same life. If we constantly are doing 1 + 1, we will always end up with the number 2.

So, what I propose is: change something up today! Don’t go to the same coffee shop in the morning.. maybe you’ll meet someone new! Don’t shop at that same clothing store you always shop at… maybe you’ll achieve a new sense of self with a new type of style! No matter what you do, do it DIFFERENTLY! Don’t be afraid of changes, be accepting to them! Do one thing differently every single day for a week, and see how much different/better life can be!

xoxo: Eva

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